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These are a must go-to for the best information and research on Education matters

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BLOGS/ Independent Websites

*Wendy Hart*

*Dr. Sandra Stotsky*

*Robert Valiant*

*Robin Eubanks*

*Lynne M Taylor*

*Nancy Bailey*

*Mercedes Schneider

*Mike Simpson- Big Education Ape Blog*

*Diane Ravitch*

*Raschelle Holland*

*Ernie Zarra*

Emily Talmage (Maine)

*Outstanding Blog/ Kevin Ohlandt*

James Bucky Carter

Gretchen Logue:

*Susan Goding*



Book available on paperback or Kindle.  Selected portions are on the website

Authors: David Spring & Elizabeth Hanson

Women On the Wall covers the “integration of education and mental health” in the ESEA/NCLB HR5 reauthorization.  To listen to the full conference call with attorney, Robin Eubanks, author of “Credentialed to Destroy” and Clinical Mental Health Counselor, Joan Landes.