Social Emotional Learning (SEL)

Here is information on everything you need to know about SEL.
ESSA has set the stage for this to creep in.

Washington is partnered with CASEL, the Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning. CASEL’s mission is to gather personal information about students’ emotional behavior, and **turn emotion into a standard** to rank and measure children. Interesting to note that CASEL played a role in providing guidance on ESSA, and CASEL is partially funded by the federal government. And now CAEL is partnering directly with districts and states to collect SEL data and help build these national emotional standards.


A School Board in Nevada accepted an anonymous $250,000 donation to help implement SEL and SDM practices in its district. Listen to testimony here:

ESSA’s Non-Academic Measure: What States Should Know About School Climate and SEL

Encouraging Social and Emotional Learning In the Context of New Accountability

Proof #ESEA is the #NewCommonCore, which is not about teaching our kids to read, write and do math. It is about attitudes, values, beliefs, and behaviors! The state and federal government has not place mandating and conducting, psychological profiling of our children.

This is downright frightening-standardized testing for socialemotional skills, and then requiring schools to teach them! It’s already happening in CA!

Tacoma Public Schools is requiring their K-5 schools to create a Social Emotional Learning action plan.  They received a grant to “provide(s) teachers with tools to do a subtle form of mental health screening three times a year. Thescreening process is backed by a database that brings together school attendance and disciplinary history.”,-emotional-issues-.aspx

The following link to Appendix B of the CEDARS manual shows the data input codes for behavior.