Current call to actions needed

*Be sure to check out our blog post on tips for parents to step up their involvement.

*Here are the most important actions we can take right now:

Ask your Congressional Representative if they will co-sponsor legislation (such as HR899 to shut down the US Dept. of Education.

Remember to follow the latest news and calls to action at

*Here is where you can find info about the latest Federal legislation.

*Speak at a local school board meeting about why you are opting out.  Challenge your school board to walk in their students’ shoes and do some test prep!

Also challenge your district school board and school principals and teachers to ensure that cursive writing instruction is taking place.  There is indeed a demand for this!!



*Be sure to join the Washington State Against Common Core closed facebook group (we are not officially affiliated with them) for deeper discussion on all education topics and extensive networking.

*If you are a parent whose child took the Smarter Balanced Assessment in 2015 or 2016 before you knew you either could Opt Out or even wanted to Opt Out and later joined our cause- you may SEE YOUR CHILD’S TEST. Parents may especially want to do this if their child unexpectedly scored a Level 1 or 2 and later joined our movement. It would be great for parents to request this as the new school year begins. Just fill it out if this applies to you- exercise your rights! **Show this to someone you know whose child took the assessment!

If all else fails, then it may be time to homeschool.