How to comment to reps on WA State bills

Here is the guide on how to comment on bills in Washington State using their official online form:

Here is what we would suggest you do to comment to your reps by email, by phone, and by the bill commenting online form shown above.

Step 1: Draft an email to your elected officials to voice a concern or make an appointment.

Step 2: Follow up with a phone call- get to know the Legislative Assistant (LA)

Step 3: Comment directly from the bill using the online commenting form.
For example, type in your address which then VERIFIES YOUR DISTRICT.
This guide (again) is very helpful.

Step 4: Know who sits on a committee.

Step 5: You can directly comment on a bill to a committee member who might not be your elected official.  For example, here is the House Education Committee.

Click on the chairperson, Rep. Sharon Tomiko-Santos
Click on EMAIL:

Then confirm that you are not in Rep. Tomiko-Santos’ district.  “Please send my email anyway”

Type in your bill # which then populates the bill title.
Indicate if you Support, Oppose, or are Neutral.
Complete your subject and then 1000 character limit message.
We would suggest that you indicate YES, to get a response from Rep. Tomiko-Santos even though there is no guarantee of that.

VOILA!  Those are the recommended steps you take in commenting on a bill.
Repeat for each desired committee member and bill.
Sometimes a single phone call to discuss a few bills is helpful.

One last tip- know when your committees meet.

Look up bills here:




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