Join our WAPIE movement for action!

2019 is off to a flying start and there are several ways you can get involved.  Here are our points of emphasis:

1) Solidify our WAPIE chapter structure and have people help with Twitter, outreach, and attend various presentations and events.  USPIE is the only grassroots parents 501(c)(3) organization of its kind in the country, and we have about 15 active state chapters and growing.
Here is our Twitter page:
Here is our Facebook page:
2) Pressure to #StopFedEd in DC and shut down the US Dept of Ed by networking with other USPIE state chapters.  Please go to to learn more and see our blueprint plus many relevant position statements.

3) Stop WA State Supt. Chris Reykdal’s long term vision which potentially mandates the eventual lengthening of the school calendar day/year by over 20%, which would require imposition of a capital gains tax in order to fund his socialist model.  Click here for Reykdal’s vision.  We will need to keep watching for bills that are pushed in this legislative session.

4) Stop the proliferation of toxic Comprehensive Sex Education in our local school districts, including use of the revised FLASH curriculum.  WAPIE will assist and provide national networking.  This is a national, if not global problem that will target our children.

5) Identify solid people to run for local school board in your areas, before the May 2019 filing week. Too many races go uncontested.

6) Watch what is happening with the implementation of Social & Emotional Learning.  You read more background information here:

Please enter your contact information below to get on our email list so we can match up your interests for involvement.  Some tasks can take only 1 hour a month.  You can set your participating level but let’s not sit back and give Educrats carte’ blance control over our children!





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