Back to School Tips for Parents

Welcome back to school, whether you homeschool or have kids attending public/private school!  We have some great information to share with you.

Please see USPIE’s official Back to School Newsletter:

We also have some other tips of our own for Washington State:
Did you know that starting in kindergarten, your children may be exposed to an overly sexualized curriculum that could be developmentally inappropriate.  You can opt your child out of this developmentally inappropriate curriculum.  We will share more information later about this, and you may also check out the following page of information on our WAPIE blog:

Did you know that students in grades 6,8,10, and 12 will be asked to complete invasive surveys that ask highly personal and inappropriate questions on the Healthy Youth Survey.  Parents and children have the right to Opt Out of such questionnaires which add nothing to their academic education.   Please see information on the following page that describe the survey.

The Smarter Balanced Assessment (SBA) is an unfair, invalid and unreliable test that provides no meaningful feedback to you or the teacher, other than labeling them either a success or failure.  It not only wastes your child’s learning time in the classroom but may even cause them emotional stress.  You can opt out of this assessment by using a form downloaded from:

We will share more information later on!  Have a great year!
Be sure to look for more information on our blog page here.

-Washington State Parents Involved in Education

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