Summer Action Items for Parents

What to do this Summer?!?
The first thing is to relax, enjoy the fireworks, light up the grill, and just unwind from the year, whether you volunteer at your local school, or if you homeschool.

Here are some tips on getting involved to make Education better.  While we are stuck with Common Core and Smarter Balanced Assessment in Washington State, we are taking the fight to the Feds. We believe these action items are what will grow our WA State chapter and USPIE itself:

1. Connect with like-minded advocates and organizations.  If you need any tips:  please email us at:  wapiechapter at gmail dot com.  Read articles from a wide variety of sites and bloggers.

2. Develop a presence and rapport with elected officials and candidates.  Volunteer on a campaign- it’s an education like no other.  If you are not sure where to start, please ask us and we can refer you to some good campaigns.

Candidates who filed for office:

Here is the USPIE Candidate Pledge.   Please refer us any principled candidates who wishes to sign the pledge.

3. Promote #StopFedEd and support/monitor various pieces of legislation and trends. The goal is to end federal mandates.  As of now, #HR899 shows some promise but we need more people joining the movement.  We recently led a White House petition drive that yielded over 3,000 signatures nationwide!  Please be sure to read our Blueprint that describes what it would take to abolish the unconstitutional US Dept. of Ed.

4. Utilize social media to promote USPIE and WAPIE State Chapter activities and inspire involvement from parents.  Please like/follow these great Facebook and Twitter pages:



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