Need Parent Feedback on ESSA Consolidated Plan- Accountability components

As mentioned before, OSPI will be holding a second round of the public comment late in the Spring.

To reiterate how they have set this up:
The ESSA Consolidated Plan
draft is the planning document that outlines how Washington will implement the law. The plan outlines six core concepts in Washington’s plan to help every student succeed, and provides details on what we will do to ensure student and educator success.

  1. Long Term Goals and Measurement of Interim Progress looks at three key areas for students: academic achievement, graduation rate, and English language proficiency, and identifies the goals and steps necessary to achieve those goals.
  2. Consultation and Coordination describes how OSPI and other stakeholders, including the public, worked together to develop the Plan.
  3. Challenging Academic Standards and Academic Assessments illustrates the state education standards in mathematics, English language arts, and other disciplines. It shows the assessment systems used in Washington state and explains how our students will be career and college-ready through application of the standards and assessment processes.
  4. Accountability, Support, and Improvement for Schools defines key thresholds for schools – in academic achievement, graduation rates, English language proficiency, school quality, and other measures. It outlines the support that will be provided to schools when necessary.
  5. Supporting Excellent Educators defines what it takes to be an excellent educator and describes the professional development and other supports offered to educators in Washington state.
  6. Supporting All Students describes how all students in our state will have access to a fair, equitable, and high-quality education. It addresses the academic and non-academic needs of subgroups of students, and how the state will collect and use data to ensure a well-rounded and supportive education for all students.

    The three teams and workgroups to be reconvened are:
    Accountability Systems Workgroup
    Accountability Technical Assistance Committee
    ESSA Federal Programs Team



On Page 55 of 241, take a look at:
4.1.D.i Levels of School Performance
“The distinct levels of school performance, and how they are calculated, under §200.18(b)(3) on each indicator in the statewide accountability system;
Each indicator in the Accountability System will be assigned a numeric score on a 10-point scale. The 1–10 score will be based on the school’s performance (or the school’s subgroup’s performance) using the combined data from the most recent three years. The score will also have a corresponding color assignment.
The specifics, including the performance thresholds within the 1–10 range, colors and associated mapping to the scores, will be evaluated and established by SBE and OSPI with input from the Achievement and Accountability Workgroup.” 

We will expand with other suggest viewing portions of the document.

Here is their Accountability Workgroup Info:

Accountability System Workgroup Leads: Michaela Miller and Ben Rarick

Please comment to us on your observations and what else you are seeing.  If you wish to attach any observations or evidence of problematic requirements, indicate in the comments and we will email you back.  We want to be prepared for the second round of the public comment period.



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