Are Class of 2018 Juniors required to take the Smarter Balanced Assessment?

Must juniors take the Smarter Balanced Assessment (SBA) in order to graduate with a diploma?  The short answer is, yes, under certain conditions.   The State Board of Education has a mandated minimum score in the Level 2 range for high school graduation (see article link below at the end). A sophomore that has attained a Level 3 or 4 Proficiency has no need to sit for the test again in 11th grade.  Level 3 and 4 scores earned in the 10th grade will be banked for one year and included in the required federal accountability reporting when that student is in the 11th grade.

SBA-Math can be administered as early as the spring of 10th grade, provided the student has completed at least Algebra II-level coursework.  Most schools are administering SBA-ELA in the 10th grade.

Here are the OSPI Assessment requirements:

Here is what the Washington State Board of Education has indicated:

Be sure to read this document as well:

Read this too!
State Board of Education establishes graduation scores on Smarter Balanced Assessments

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