A Mom Shares How Test Prep is Causing Missed Classroom Instruction

A Mom began writing us and explains on March 9th,
“I am frustrated right now as my daughter came home and told me her school’s technology teacher let her get on Chromebooks early because she was being opted out and even said this in front of class.  By the way, she started prepping her 3rd grade class today for SBA.  I previously told the regular teacher I did not want her wasting 40 min on a computer, especially when she is missing half a day every Thursday for private OT.   They were not supposed to start prepping until after Spring Break!”

March 20th: “After another conversation with my daughter’s teacher,  there was agreement they were wrong about the SBA test prep deal for my daughter and was not what we had planned when we reviewed our Opting Out accommodations.”

March 31st: “I was just informed by my daughter’s teacher that starting April 11th almost daily from 2 to 2:45 will be spent in SBA prep.  I have a total of 3 options available:
a) pull her everyday but then she misses IEP stuff she desperately needs
b) pull her out, and turn my car into a rolling school room so we can work on homework and get her back in time for IEP instructional pull outs.
c) or leave her in class…that is not an option at all. This was all just sprung on me today!

This test prep will be almost daily from April 11th until the SBA which is scheduled for May 2 and 3, and May 16 and 17.   Mind you- this is 3rd grade!”

April 19th: “This schedule has become terrible! My daughter’s elementary school has now gone from 3 days a week to 4 days a week for test prepping Which means I am at school from 1:45 to 2:45 to pull her out to work on homework. These 3rd graders are going to lose 44 hrs of regular classroom instruction time by the time this is done! On the upside, at least there are no distractions, and we get homework done so we no longer have that since my accommodations were met”

April 21st:  “Was just informed they are adding 3 more half days next week for test prep! My daughter will miss one of the three days, but I can’t pull her the other 2! Teacher is working with me on a plan. Another 3 half days of useless test prep, another 6 hours of wasted instructional time. PLEASE do not tell me how important this SBA…I want to vomit!  My daughter’s entire 3rd grade of almost 100 students are doing Wednesday thru Friday of the upcoming week. From 9 until 12 noon. Complete waste of time!”

April 24th: “I have a good rapport with the school but I will not allow them to push me around either. The SBA has everyone uptight right now, and the school admins know I am aware of my rights. We work together because I am a parent that is willing to help facilitate these kinds of issues and how they pertain to my daughter.  Its just completely unfair when the test prep plans keep changing week to week, and when I balk, it can get contentious.  Especially when her teacher has been well aware of this since Day 1, and yet there is no plan for my daughter until last minute.  The school calls it compromise.  I also had to inform them that I do not want her sitting in front of a computer wasting half a day on test prep, so this whole process has made it more difficult”

Moral of the story:  As the parent, be your child’s best advocate!  Your teacher is unable to do so in these situations.

Please share with us your story about how test prep is affecting your child’s true instructional learning.  We will not share your name or contact info.




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