Performance Task for the 2015-2016 SBA Performance Results

Do you remember Kramer’s Coffee Table Book about coffee tables in Seinfeld?  Well here is the Performance Task about measuring SBA proficiency performance.

Download the following Calc tool:
2015 & 2016 SBA District Results_Calc Tool – Copy

Go to the OSPI Report Card for your district and school. Enter in the numbers. See the results populate in the yellow cells. The WA State example has been done for you. The report card link is shown in the first tab. This shows comparisons between 2015 and 2016 for a grade level and the Cohort class as they move up one grade.

Here is the OSPI Report Card link, just populate the numbers for your district and/or school. Compare it to the WA State proficiency results:

Other items to note:

From 2016:
Must Read! “State Superintendent of Instruction’s Office uses Common Core Math…and gets it wrong!”

From 2015:


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