How many Federal Education Dollars flow into Washington State?

With all of the escalated talk about introduced legislation to abolish the US Dept. of Education, people frequently wonder how their state can do without all that money. Dr. Peg Luksik (arguably the most qualified person in America that was not appointed as Secretary to the USED) recently took some time to explain how the money is not as much as you would think, and even much less making it into the classroom.

Go to Dr. Luksik’s website to find her podcast on Public Education Finances.   It’s the last one on the following list.

As you are listening, be sure to reference the following document:

2014 Public Education Finances

Go to Table 1 to find Washington State on page 19 of 64

Total dollars: $12,943,921 billion
Federal: $1,030,232 billion  (8.0%)
State: $7,833,024 billion (60.5%)
Local: $4,080,665 billion (31.5%)

Then as you listen deeper into the call, reference Table 2 on page 20 of 64 that shows how the $1,303,232 billion in federal dollars is broken out.

What Dr. Luksik seeks to demonstrate is that the strings attached with such a high percentage of federal control far exceeds the benefits provided to the states.  She concludes by cutting out the unconstitutional federal level that we would have a net gain.


We will write more later on this blog post when time permits and as any questions arise.  Also be sure to see the following link to the K-12 Handbook on education in Washington State as produced for the state legislature.  Then you can cross-reference the financial information.

WA State K12HandBook (2)



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