Getting locked into Common Core under ESSA is no joke- We must add pressure NOW!

Today is Saturday, April 1st and April Fools Jokes are flying around but what we are up against is no laughing matter.   Some people say the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) is like the Star Killer Base that replaced the Death Star known as No Child Left Behind (NCLB).  Our WA State Coalition submitted the original letter on February 15th, and we’ve accepted names on a rolling basis as the toxic effects of Common Core are not limited to some 60 day comment period.  This is a forever deal unless we act with more pressure to the decision makers at OSPI.  The 95% participation “requirement” is still in place from NCLB and high stakes testing is harming our education system.

Please see the summary of the comments that OSPI received for the first round of the public comment period (now released) on the ESSA Consolidated Plan.   We should not wait around for the second comment period and should continue to demonstrate and relay why the Common Core State Standards and related Smarter Balanced Assessment have been terrible policy.  While the full comments will be submitted by OSPI to the US Dept of Education on September 18th, we are currently seeing a white-washed summary version.  Go to the following link:

Then please be inspired to take further action and also sign on with our Coalition movement if you have not already done so.  We have also outlined OSPI leadership to contact in the following blog post that we previously published and will be updated.  A new letter with 100+ names will be resent to OSPI and will add the Washington State Board of Education by Monday, April 3rd.


Please be sure to see the following blog post on what you can do to help and become further involved.










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