Great Tips for Parents to step up their involvement!

Current call to specific timely actions needed.  Will change to reflect current legislation.

We are at the point where harmful reform polices are locked in and the system is unlikely to be reversed.  This is especially the case as 1:1 devices drive classroom instruction, in which there will no longer be room for classical learning. Children will then forever be cogs in the wheel of the managed 21st century planned economy and exposed to a steady diet of “digital french fries”.  Even home school children would be affected if voucher laws are passed that increase the strings that are attached in the name of “badges” that will be necessary to move up.  There are certainly things we can be doing now to make a difference and some items can take as little as 5-10 minutes.  Here are some suggestions to step up our game!


  • Speak at your local school board meeting.  Develop a rapport with your district officials.  Make it a point to get to know your principal and support your teacher while making them better informed with proven facts and valid opinions.   Be sure to explain how US Dept of Education is affecting local control.
  • Hold informal coffee chats with other parents to answer questions and concerns about the effects of Opting Out.
  • Run for officer at your local school’s PTA unit.
  • Run for your local school board and/or volunteer on someone’s campaign
  • Write a letter to the editor
  • Regardless of which party you prefer, consider becoming a Precinct Committee Officer (PCO).  Chances are the precinct may be open and you can be appointed.  PCO’s help get out the vote come election season and are also listened to intently by elected state representatives and state senators.  This is also a great networking opportunity to inform other about Education matters- even if you are not a full fledged PCO as anyone may attend county party central committee meetings as a guest.
    Find your precinct and district voting info here:



  • Take a trip over to Olympia and meet with your elected legislative district officials

How to comment on a state bill:

Email list:

2016 State Legislature Election Results:

  • Attend and speak during public commenting time at a State Board of Education meeting.
  • Sign onto our state coalition letter to OSPI about Common Core and toxic testing as they start their ESSA implementation plans.

Be sure to join the Washington State Against Common Core closed facebook group (we are not officially affiliated with them) for deeper discussion on all education topics and extensive networking.


Join us at Washington State Parents Involved in Education (WAPIE) which is a state chapter affiliate of United States Parents Involved in Education (USPIE).  There are several things you can do to help.

Folks on Twitter should join the following national group:
“Twitter Rally for Education”

If all else fails, then it may be time to homeschool but it still pays to get involved!




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